Chicago Tribune Endorsement for District 42

The Editorial Board

Nov 1, 2022

Hood is endorsed.

"Hood, a 39-year-old lawyer from Glen Ellyn, correctly sees the state’s current pension crisis as “a threat to the short-term and long-term fiscal stability of Illinois and the essential services provided to citizens.” She backs putting on the ballot a referendum asking voters to approve a constitutional amendment paving the way for pension reform. Hood also is pro-choice, and backs freezing or capping property tax increases to keep residents and businesses from fleeing to states with less onerous tax burdens. Hood is endorsed."

"Howard’s ascent reflects the recent trend toward voters increasingly opting for Democrats in the northwest and west suburbs. Howard is a capable lawmaker who told us she wants to end gerrymandering by having an independent citizens commission take up the task of decennial redistricting. But as her GOP opponent, Stefanie Hood, points out, Howard voted in favor of the current remap engineered by Democrats behind closed doors — a heavily partisan exercise that cements Democrats’ stranglehold on Springfield for the next decade."

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