Investing in education creates new pathways for helping lift children out of poverty. Unfortunately, the state’s system is broken. We must give our teachers the tools necessary to provide high-quality education because too many kids are falling behind, especially with the challenges caused by COVID-19. 


Stefanie supports local school boards, not the bureaucrats in Springfield, to make the best decisions in educating our children. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Over-taxation presents a barrier to opportunity, chasing employers and jobs out of Illinois. Our state consistently ranks as the “least tax-friendly” state for middle-class families with the second-highest property taxes in the nation, making homeownership more difficult every year. 


Stefanie supports policies that spur economic growth, not hinder it. We must also hold our government responsible for living within its means, just as we do with our budgets.  


Public Safety

As crime surges across Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, out-of-touch legislators promote radical policy changes such as reducing resources available to the law enforcement community. These changes are dangerous and only empower criminals. To improve the safety of our communities, we must give our full support to law enforcement officers who protect our neighborhoods every day.  


Stefanie is a strong advocate for law enforcement and will ensure they have the resources and training necessary to do their job effectively without political interference.